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Are you looking for the perfect place to host a wedding, family reunion, business meeting, holiday party or other event? The newly remodeled Columbian Hall will surely suit all of your needs.


Enjoy an elegant setting, numerous amenities, convenient location and affordable rates for up to 150 guests.

Looking for the perfect place to host an event?

Getting info is easy.

Just send an email or call

937-426-6959 or


for prices and availability.

— Elegant setting

— A full kitchen and bar area,

    including ice maker, beer cooler,

     tab and coffee maker

— A richly carpeted floor

— Ensconced light fixtures

     and mirrors

— A separate entrance lobby

We have everything

you'll need

Avoid the headache of getting your guests to an out-of-the-way reception hall. Columbian Hall is conveniently located at 4704 Burkhardt Road in Dayton, Ohio and is easily accessible.


Save money on your event with our affordable rates. Then you'll surely have the funds you want for the perfect wedding dress, guest favors or live band. We're the most economical rental hall with rates beginning at just $400 for 5 hours with a $200 deposit.

Enjoy a convenient location and affordable rates

Make Columbian Hall your favorite place to gather. It's elegant, convenient and priced just right.



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